A Little Bit About Us!

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Hey there!  My name is Kimberly!  A couple fun facts about me include: I grew up in Idaho. I love the outdoors. I have an irrational fear of bears. I love really gooey rice krispie treats.  I’m married to a really cute guy from Oregon [his name is Josh and he is currently working on his bachelor’s degree in Psychology.] We love finding sweet deals at thrift stores and yard sales…and even more, we like scoring things for free! Oh, and most importantly, I’m a first time mom! I’m super in love with my little guy, Sonny :) We are a pretty easygoing family and we’re always down for a good time and some good food!

Josh and I run our small specialty business (Elaine’s Grains) together. We named it after my sweet grandma whose name was Elaine (and who I got my middle name from). I have never, in my life, met a kinder and more genuine person than her!

We are an authorized dealer of the WonderMill Company and products. We use a WonderMill Grain Mill in our own home (OFTEN) and we know it and love it!

Here at Elaine’s Grains, we aim to provide you with the very best grain mills, demonstrations, and recipes so that YOU TOO can have an amazing whole grain cooking and baking experience–it would be selfish of us to keep it all to ourselves :)

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